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5  JIW Openings This Year-2016







Dates:  Fridays (February 2 and 16, March 2, 16, and 30, and April 13, 27 and May 11), 2018


Times:  8am to 2:30 pm (6 hour class and a ½ hour lunch)


Where:  Muskegon Community College

                388 W. Clay

                Muskegon, MI  49440


                Directions to the welding lab will be provided


Instructor:  Tom Sumerix, MCC


Cost:  $50 Cash or Check (payable to WMEJATC)

Required PPE:  Students will have to provide the following:

  • safety glasses

  • gauntlet style leather gloves designed for stick welding

  • all leather uppers boots designed for work, that cover the ankle or higher

  • welding jacket cloth, leather or the combination style - it is up to them

  • welder cap/hat

  • they are welcome to bring in their own welding hoods, but we do have them.

  • they must be dressed in all natural fiber materials like cotton or wool. jeans are great as long as they are not torn or tattered. (polyester resins are not good for this environment).

  • Paper, pencil, pen

PPE can be purchased at Welding Supply Companies (Lake Welding in Muskegon), or Tractor Supply Stores, or other large chain hardware stores.  Typical pricing (Welding Gloves-$20, Welding Jacket-cloth-$30-Leather-$80, Welder Cap-$10).  Welding Hoods can range up to $125 +, but are optional.


To Register: Contact Jean in the JATC office at 616-837-7149, ext. 5

                       There will be five (5) spots available this year.  We will also sign up an alternates list

                         should spots become available.