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West Michigan Electrical JATC

140 N. 64th Ave.

Coopersville, MI 49404


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Please Read Before Applying


  Selection to our program is extremely competitive.  We receive on average 15 to 20 applications for each person selected.

  Many have prior electrical, construction, or maintenace experience.  Some have related military experience.  And some have attended area Career Tech Centers and completed electrical construction programs.

  It is recommended that you improve your chances of success by demonstrating your interest in this career prior to applying.


  Ask yourself....Do I have anything in my work history, school history, or hobbies that demonstrates mechanical ability (working with tools, working in construction/maintenance environments, working in team environments?

  If not, we would recommend addressing this before applying to improve your chances.


  Also, it is important to understand the following:


  1. We need people that can have excellent attendance.  If you tend to arrive late, leave early, or miss time often, this is not the right path for you.

  2. If selected, there will be a physical, drug screening, and background check.  Once employed, there will be ongoing annual and random drug screenings.  Even though legal in Michigan, marijuana is still a prohibited substance per our drug policy.

  3. Our jurisdiction covers all of West Michigan.  This extends north to Ludington, south to Holland, and east to Ionia.  Commutes of 60-90 minutes or more are possible for some jobs.

  4. Overtime and shift work (evenings, nights, and weekends) are sometimes scheduled.

  5.  The work can be indoors/outdoors, hot/cold, heights, enclosed spaces, etc...  You must be able to work in a variety of environments.