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West Michigan Electrical JATC

140 N. 64th Ave.

Coopersville, MI 49404


You can reach us at 616-837-7149 ext.5


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New webpage online

You can now also see an online overview of the courses we offer.



  Applications Windows (openings) are listed on the next link.

  You must schedule an appointment to apply.

  Do not call to schedule an appication prior to the date listed.


  Applications must be filled out in person at the JATC office.


  You must bring the following:


  1. Copy of HS Diploma or GED

  2. Valid Michigan Drivers License

  3. Resume is recommended

  4. Copy of long form DD-214 if a veteran

  5. $25 Application Fee unless Direct Interview

      cash, check, or money order

  6. Must sign a background check authorization.

      We will not run the check unless you are selected